How to Register for the Webinar



Step 1: Click on the Register Now button

Register Button.png

Step 2: Choose your nationality.
If you are an Indian National, please choose “Indian Nationality” and if you reside in another country please choose “Other Nationality”

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Step 3: Once you select your nationality. A new page will open, Click on Sign Up.

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Step 4: A sign up form will open up, please fill out the details mentioned below and click on the Sign up button at the bottom

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Step 5: After you submit your form. The next step is to choose the method of payment and enter your email id and phone number to proceed. Once the information has been added, click on Buy Now.

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Step 6: Upon selecting your payment method, a pop up will open. Please choose your method of payment and enter the required information to make the payment

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Step 7: Once the payment is processed, you will be registered for the event. After which you will receive the link for the event.